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Adding Shine to your Floor

Epoxy Resin Supermarket or Shop Commercial Locations Flooring

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A new Flooring, a new Life

Epoxy Resin Office or Institution Reception Area Flooring

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Restaurant Guest Area Epoxy Seamless Floor

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Shop School Epoxy Flooring Company Nairobi Kenya

Retail Market Flooring ; Shop, Shopping Mall, Office, School Flooring Shop School Epoxy Flooring Company


Car Park Epoxy Flooring Company Nairobi Kenya

Car Park Surface/Deck Flooring Car Park Epoxy Flooring; - Flexo Concepts Limited resin car park


Hotel, Kitchen Hospital Epoxy Hygienic Flooring Nairobi Kenya

Hotel, Kitchen Hospital Epoxy Hygienic Floors Hotel Kitchen Hospital Epoxy Hygienic Flooring; - Industries such


Epoxy Resin Flooring Company in Kenya

Epoxy Flooring company Kenya; - Epoxy flooring systems are easy to clean and maintain and can be installed over existing coatings or used to resurface old or worn concrete. Our seamless flooring systems are available in a variety of colors, shades and designs with a choice of finishes such as matte, satin, high-gloss, and slip-resistance. The choice of the finishes is determined by the ultimate use of the floor and the desired ambience. Epoxy = combination of resins and hardeners reacting together to form a rigid strong material; - strong, durable, break and scratch resistant surface. Heavy usage areas such as industrial environments, hospitals, churches, shopping mall, commercial kitchen, shop, office or sports facilities benefit a lot from these flooring solutions. Epoxy is a unique solution because it’s not only incredibly practical, but the materials used in it make it flexible for almost endless applications. Whether you need to make beautiful

  • ESD Anti-Static Epoxy Floors
  • Impact & Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Floors
  • Chemical resistant Epoxy Floors
  • Anti-Microbial Epoxy Floors
  • Anti-Slip or Slip Resistant Epoxy Floors
  • Thermal Shock Resistant & Stain Resistant Floors