Epoxy Flooring Related Products Nairobi Kenya;

  1. Liquid cold cleaner combining solvents, surfactants, emulsifiers, couplers and inhibitors.
  2. Water Soluble Brush Cleaner.
  3. General purpose, medium viscosity, clear, structural, liquid epoxy.
  4. Texture Plast:  is a high performance, user friendly, skimming plaster compound, designed to provide total protection on structures constructed from porous substrates such as conventional plaster, fibre cement boards and block bricks.
  5. Clear Polyurethane Coating: Two-component waterborne polyurethane formulated to provide an ultra-durable clear coating with a matt finish.
  6. Anti Fungal Coating: a non toxic, anti-fungal flexible, copolymer coating which cures to a resilient coating providing excellent resistance to fungal and bacterial growth in humid environments.
  7. SCALE OFF is a balanced blend of Hydrochloric Acid, wetting agents and high temperature inhibitors. SCALE OFF is used for the removal of water scale, mill scale, rust, beer stone, milk stone and cement deposits from boilers, heat exchangers, economisers, condensers, air conditioners, scaffolding, shutter boards and face bricks.
  8. SCALE-OFF-4 is inhibited rust removing liquid metal conditioner, which destroys rust stimulators and etches as it cleans to provide a strong bond for paint. It will rapidly penetrate and remove heavy rust, leaving a complex phosphate coating.
  9. SANITOL is a combined disinfectant, detergent, deodorant based on Quaternary Ammonium

Compounds. SANITOL is widely used to disinfect and control odours in industrial and municipal establishments, compounds, hospitals, office blocks and food industries.

  1. Cold cleaning solvent:  of low toxicity, specially blended for the safe cleaning of electrical units. Combines the cleaning and solvent properties of aliphatic hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvents. Is a powerful solvent which readily dissolves organic matter such as oils, grease, waxes and tar, but does not attack the underlying paint, varnish, insulations and metals. The evaporation rate has been retarded, enabling SAFE-T-128 to be used undiluted by spray, immersion, brushing or wiping. Does not burn, has no flash point and is non-conducting.
  2. Stone carpet: Colorful pieces of aggregate encapsulated in a clear resin to produce an attractive slip-resistant floor finish.

Uses: Ideal for use in car showrooms, retail stores, conservatories, atriums, reception halls, conference zones, use limited only by your imagination.

  1. RUST OFF is an inhibited rust removing liquid metal conditioner, which destroys rust stimulators and etches as it cleans to provide a strong bond for paint. It will rapidly penetrate and remove heavy rust, leaving a complex phosphate coating.
  2. Ivory Protectocote:  is a corrosion -non resistant aqueous high build coating designed to protect metal and other surfaces against attack by solvent and chemical vapours and spillage, and is particularly recommended for use in marine and high humidity environments.
  3. Glass flake epoxy lining: A solvent free, high build, epoxy coating containing glass flakes for increased protection against chemicals, salts and osmosis.
  4. Concentrated Acid Cleaner.
  5. Germicidal Toilet Soap: For use in Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Food processing industries, Offices.
  6. Hard-wearing, decorative resin floor topping.
  7. Sealer Coat: General purpose, medium viscosity, clear, structural, liquid epoxy.
  8. Colorful, gloss self-smoothing resin floor finish ideal for a minimalist, modern, contemporary environment.
  9. Inhibited Caustic Floor Cleaner: A synergistic blend of alkalies and aromatic alcohols, inhibited to prevent corrosion of ferrous metals. Ideal for removal of oil, grease, fats, blood from floors and other hard surfaces.
  10. Epoxy Anti-Osmosis Treatment: A clear, solvent free epoxy with a very low water permeability factor for use on glass reinforced plastic surfaces to treat or delay osmosis.
  11. bonded gravel system: is a seamless and slip-resistant made from bonded gravel, used primarily to surface outdoor areas, whereby a range of natural stone aggregates are scattered into a solvent free resin binder.
  12. Epoxy resin Terrazzo: A high temperature resistant, steam cleanable polyurethane terrazzo finish.
  13. Metallic Expressions: is a decorative, hard wearing, chemical resistant, advanced polyuria technology providing a unique and versatile metallic floor finish.
  14. Food Grade Epoxy Lining.
  15. Light Weight Fairing Compound: Epoxy Fairing Compound for Marine applications.
  16. General Purpose Adhesive & Skimming Compound / Skimming Paste.
  17. High chemical resistant and Flexible Joint Sealant.
  18. Pure Acrylic Coating Based Paint.
  19. Alkali Resistant Primer & Bonding Liquid.
  20. High Performance Laminating Epoxy.
  21. Polyurethane Coating.
  22. Resin Floor Hardener & Sealer.
  23. Clear Polyurethane Enamel Coating.
  24. Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Blast Primer.
  25. Epoxy mortar & screeding compound for vertical & overhead surfaces.
  26. Moisture Tolerant Chemical Resistant Epoxy Mortar.
  27. Ceramic Epoxy Coating.
  28. Ceramic Epoxy Coating High Temperature Resistance.
  29. Chemical Resistant Resin.
  30. Epoxy Mortar Tile Grout & Bonding Mortar.
  31. Thixotropic Liquid Epoxy Adhesive & Laminating Resin.
  32. Pourable Epoxy Grout.
  33. Abrasive Resistant Epoxy Compound.
  34. Brushable Wearing Compound.
  35. Solvent Free Penetrating Sealer.
  36. Road stud adhesive: An epoxy tar adhesive used for fixing “cats-eyes” onto road surfaces, creating rumble strips, bonding concrete kerb stones to asphalt surface and other non structural applications.
  37. High Build Epoxy Tar.
  38. Solvent Based Epoxy Sealer & Base Coat.
  39. Underwater Curing Epoxy Compound.
  40. Wet to Dry Concrete Adhesive.
  41. Acrylic Waterproofing System.
  42. Duplex Galvanized Steel Coating System.
  43. PHS (Penetrating Hardening System).
  44. Isocrete K-Screed: A semi-dry cementitious screed incorporating proprietary additives to produce an early drying, high strength screed.
  45. Hydraseal DPM: (Surface Damp Proof Membrane).
  46. Galvanized Steel Cleaning Solution.
  47. Water Based PU Sealer.
  49. Flexible sports flooring.
  50. Polished concrete surface sealing and treatment.
  51. Self-leveling epoxy floor finish: An attractive, resilient, hard – wearing, selfsmoothing, epoxy system with a smooth impervious seamless finish.
  52. Floor Shield systems: A Smooth, glossy, self-smoothing resin floor finish with a decorative speckled finish. Ideal for a minimalist.
  53. Polyurethane flooring system providing exceptional impact and abrasion resistance whilst maintaining good chemical and physical performance for demanding industrial applications.
  54. Resin based floor topping.
  55. High chemical resistant, self-smoothing epoxy resin floor finish.
  56. Fast curing polyurea sealer that has good UV light stability.
  57. Water based epoxy coating system.
  58. Coloured matt water based epoxy scraper coat system.
  59. Water based high build epoxy coating system with a high sheen finish.
  60. Anti Fungal Water Dispersed Epoxy Coating.
  61. Industrial Top: A fast drying, pump applied, floor topping for fast track renovation of concrete floors.
  62. Floor hardener & densifier. Solvent Free Epoxy Primer and Base Coat.
  63. Flexible polyurethane topping.
  64. Moisture Tolerant Chemical Resistant Epoxy Mortar & Coating.
  65. Coving and wall rendering mortar.
  66. Heavy duty, chemical resistant antimicrobial treated polyurethane.
  67. Decorative flakes floor finish incorporates with advance polyuria technology.
  68. coloured
  69. Quartz screed system developed with the tough and durable polyurethane hybrid technology.
  70. Ideal floor finish for food and beverage industry, kitchens and demanding industrial environments.
  71. Pigmented, self-smoothing, chemical resistant, antimicrobial, polyurethane resin floor finish.
  72. Heavy duty, chemical resistant, antimicrobial polyurethane resin floor screed providing a durable textured coloured floor finish.
  73. Antistatic 4 mm heavy duty, chemical resistant, antimicrobial treated polyurethane resin floor finish.
  74. Polymer modified cement based levelling and repair mortar.
  75. Floor primer.
  76. Sprayable Membranes and binders.
  77. Fast track satin matt, coloured, self-smoothing resin floor topping.
  78. Fire-safe acrylic resin based flooring system.
  79. Quartz top flooring systems.
  80. Terrazzo polished floors.
  81. Smooth sparking resin floor finish.
  82. UV-resistant floor protection.
  83. Epoxy resin coating: High performance, solvent free, chemical resistant and hi-build.
  84. Epoxy wall coatings.
  85. High gloss epoxy enamel.
  86. Concrete wall protection.
  87. Anchoring resins and protectors.
  88. Liquid Sealer. Floor Hardener & Dust Proofer.
  89. Epoxy cement self-smoothing composite.
  90. Vertical Skim Epoxy Topping.
  91. Hygienic Epoxy Cement Terrazzo floor finish containing decorative Granite and Flint.
  92. Water Dispersed Epoxy Mortar Screed.
  93. Crack repair compounds.
  94. Car park decks and coatings.
  95. Concrete curing compound.
  96. Concrete rapid cure.
  97. Superplaticisors.
  98. Water reducers.
  99. Water proofers.
  100. Non Shrink Cementitious Grout.
  101. Water Repellent Dressing.
  102. Bonding Agent & Reinforcement Primer.
  103. Concentrated Acid Cleaner.
  104. Elastomeric Concrete Coating.
  105. Epoxy Coating & Tank Lining.
  106. Chemical Resistant Resin.
  107. Epoxy Thixotropic Adhesive and laminating resin.
  108. Quick Set General Purpose Adhesive.
  109. Liquid Structural Epoxy.
  110. Abrasive Resistant Epoxy Compound.
  111. Epoxy Wearing Compound.
  112. Epoxy Finishing Compound for Marine Applications.
  113. Non Slip Seal Coat.
  114. Polymer emulsion add mixtures for cement mortars and slurries.
  115. Motif encapsulation.
  116. Self-polishing antifouling.

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