Water Proofing Admixtures & Sealing Nairobi Kenya

Waterproofing, Admixtures & Construction Sealant

Sealing & Bonding

We are Nairobi Kenya dealers in sealants and adhesives for construction industry that cover a broad range of applications such as elastic sealing and bonding solutions; joint sealants for facades or resistant sealants for floor and special joints as well as multipurpose bonding solutions for interior finishing or parquet installation. Flexo Concepts Ltd Nairobi Kenya. offers products that fulfill the highest requirements in construction work.


We team up with supplies in Kenya and all the world to provide solutions for even the most challenging requirements with unique waterproofing product portfolio, contributing to efficient, long-lasting infrastructure, be it for drinking water facilities, tunnels, bridges, basements, pool, pond, tank, wet rooms, Facades or balconies. We are into supply and application of proven and economic water-tight solutions for even the most challenging requirements for the entire waterproofing process to the very last detail.

Concrete Admixture Solutions

Our Chemical range of specialty concrete chemicals and building materials in Nairobi Kenya includes a wide variety of decorative, structural and restorative systems for both new constructions and refurbishment projects in Nairobi Kenya. The comprehensive nature of our collection means that developers can source an extensive selection of high quality admixtures, fibres, stamps, compounds, coatings and fillers all from one place.

For waterproofing, concrete admixtures & Construction Sealant in Kenya; Contact Flexo Concepts Limited.